With our roots starting in Oil & Gas, our purpose-built safety and induction training facilities have been equipped to simulate many medium-to-high-risk environments – especially on-and-offshore Oil and Gas operations.

Our multi-million-dollar Cyber chair, drilling simulators, and training equipment at our training facilities allow students in the Oil and Gas space to really immerse themselves in simulated learning environments.

Harness Instructors have been hand-picked from a global stage and have successfully implemented a human factor approach to our programs. This approach to training has resulted in reduced anxiety levels, enhanced performance, greater retention and an overall positive learning experience throughout our courses.

Harness is a leading provider of training services for both globally recognised courses, alongside nationally accredited units of competency in Australia in Oil and Gas, in particular ASQA, IWCF, and IADC.



This dynamic blend of accreditations specific to the Oil and Gas industry means we are constantly held accountable to provide the highest quality of training and learning outcomes.

We are proud to have played a significant part in the Australian Oil and Gas industry’s safety performance, and helping people return home safely to their families.


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