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If you are looking to employ an apprentice or trainee, we are an accredited Group Training Organisation (GTO) supported by the Australian Government – and values the overarching Australian Apprenticeship Program. We deliver a range of apprenticeship and traineeship services to support employers as they consider hiring, hosting or employing an apprentice or trainee.  We support the whole process and deliver the right apprentices/trainees so that your business can realise its potential. We do this through our unique offering of integrated training, HR and mentoring solutions.  To Employ an apprentice or trainee, our support is essential in creating a positive experience.

For career seekers and would-be apprentices – we provide a genuinely caring, holistic training and employment environment to ensure trainees receive optimal development experiences by working with a range of carefully selected  ‘host’ employers. We provide access to free training and help each individual find and secure their ideal career or job 

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To employ an apprentice or trainee either now or in the future, as a Group Training Organisation, we can work with you to match trainees to the needs of your organisation at all medium to high risk industry traineeship or apprenticeship levels.

Each organisation and industry have unique needs both at a people and capabilities perspective. So, Harness have developed a range of human focused training and support solutions that will cover needs from a tactical needs-based level through to comprehensive tailored programs.  An overview is provided here along with the key themes that underpin each service.

We have experience across the spectrum of services – and can help you determine the arrangement suitable for your business and also provide the operational support including any applications, funding sourcing and ongoing organisational support throughout the traineeship or apprenticeship.

Obligation-Free Consultation

Have you previously hired a trainee or apprentice – or want to improve on your previous experience?

Do you plan to hire a trainee or apprentice in the future?

Maybe you want to understand what is involved and how your business can benefit from the support of a highly customised service provider?

Whatever your reasons behind hiring apprentices or trainees,  our track record of actually kicking real goals makes the our Group Training Team is well placed to support you.  It starts with us making a connection, learning and understanding your  goals so we can identify or develop the relevant service to support your needs.

Our overall service approach is shown below, but the focus is to collaborate with you through an effective analysis of your organisation, development goals and capabilities. If your take-away from our consultation process is a deeper understanding of the potential, where you are now and any gaps that need addressing, this is a positive result in itself.

Recruitment Services

Harness Energy  has a dedicated recruitment team with experience across the recruitment of FIFO, Technical specific roles through to recruitment of key population sectors for specific programs. Recruitment services include:

  • Recruitment advertising campaign development and implementation focused on traditional media
  • Pre interview screening
  • Interviewing and shortlisting
  • Group selection and Assessment Centres
  • Range of checks and screenings for successful candidates

Managed Services

Key Features of this service includes labour recruitment and mentors in addition to key training with internal RTO

This service comes into effect for organisations who need support from the training and mentoring necessary to build capacity of staff and ensure alignment with your organisational needs with options including

  • Training and coordination
  • Funding advice
  • Monitoring progress against plan
  • Mentoring for welfare, performance and related
  • Training needs scheduling

Hosted Training & Employment Model

The key theme driving this service is that Harness Energy has the resources and skills to support organisations at a holistic level from recruitment through to organisation and industry specific on-boarding and training as well as addressing training gaps, mentoring and more. This is thus a flexible service including services such as:

  • Recruitment advertising campaign development and implementation focused on contemporary media
  • Pre interview screening
  • Interviewing and shortlisting
  • Group selection and Assessment Centres
  • Range of checks and screenings for successful candidates
  • Industry-specific onboarding
  • Safety induction
  • Training and funding coordination
  • Funded training programs as relevant
  • Monitoring and Mentoring throughout
  • Site visits and skill gap analysis
  • Payroll
  • Performance management

Tailored Services

Harness Energy can, for organisations with scale and capacity, build a 100% dedicated training/apprentice solution. Representing the highest level of organisational commitment, this truly flexible service – with some years of proven success – is designed to help organisations keen on realising longer term business success with a ground up bespoke service.

This solution is focused around unique areas of need where apprentices and trainees can form part of the solution, eg Indigenous Careers Programs. In addition to the services listed within Hosted Services, this service also includes:

  • Extended range and type of induction
  • Private Training for groups
  • Extension skills training
  • Organisation training such as Cultural Awareness
  • ‘No hassle hiring’ for host employers
  • Completion and graduation event/s
  • Transition mentoring supportto either additional apprenticeships or employment opportunities

How does it work?

Employing a trainee or apprentice is a potentially rewarding opportunity for employers to build their human capital. However, it means that the employing organisation is supported in ensuring a successful experience by having trainees who both have the right underlying capabilities and interest. Cultural fit into the team and other dynamics are important. Working with us, we can ensure that we help you achieve the right balance between what you need, the role and also the needs of the individual trainee or apprentice .

Funding Support for Apprenticeships?

Financial support for employers can be available. It is an area that Harness can assist with as various government incentives apply depending on the employment set up and arrangements

Employer Responsibilities for Apprenticees?

Managing an Apprentice or Trainee comes with some responsibilities that include:

  • Providing a safe working environment including being free from any form of discrimation or harrassement
  • Meet the legal obligations
  • Committed to the full range of training per the training contract
  • Supervision and support during any placement period
  • Collaborating with us to ensure open lines of communication and ability to nip any potential issues in the bud

Financial Support for Taking on an Apprentice?

There are a range of financial incentives which we, at Harness, can help you leverage. Generally, they relate to the apprentice/trainee you take on or the industry and role they would be employed in. For example, The federally run, Australian Apprenticeships Incentive System supports organisations if they are taking on someone in a role listed on the Australian Apprenticeships Priority List. There is also support if the occupation is not listed, or if the apprentice has a disability. Please see the reference section for links to key information relating to this area.

Additional Incentives and Allowances are potentially also available at a state level or even at an industry level eg with training support for Construction works through Construction Skills Queensland

What is a Group Training Organisation?

A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is an organisation that has been established to provide training and employment opportunities. This is a government administered authorisation and one that requires organisations to meet a range of criteria to ensure they can deliver for both apprentices, trainees and host organisations. GTO’s employ apprentices and trainees and are responsible for ensuring that as our employees they receive suitable training and experience to support them in achieving rewarding careers.

More information is available from the Australian Government apprenticeships website HERE

Harness is a Nationally Recognised Group Training Organisation (GTO)

GTO recognition in QLD governed by Further Education and Training Act 2014  – https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au/view/html/asmade/act-2014-025#act-2014-025 

Our requirements as a GTO are contained within this manual https://desbt.qld.gov.au/training/employers/gto/manual 

All recognised GTOs in Queensland must be compliant against the National Standards. National Standards for GTOs can be found here: https://desbt.qld.gov.au/training/employers/gto/standards

Australian Apprenticeships Additional Resources:  This provides general information that relates to respomsibilities, financials and training and support…https://www.aapathways.com.au/employer-information

Training of students on apprenticeships form a central part of what Harness does. Courses information is available via our website here: Harness Training Courses

Organisations Supported

Example of Harness’s Tailored Program – Indigenous Careers Program

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