This C2 Crane licence course provides participants with knowledge and skills to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes) for licencing purposes. This crane type – up to 20 tonnes –  is one of the key slewing mobile cranes you learn to operate before progressing to the heavier duty cranes like 60t and above. The course is thus tailored to your experience accordingly. As with our other Crane Training, you learn all the key aspects in preparation, planning, actual doing crane work and through to completion and shut down procedures. It is a High Risk Work Activity and this training enables you, if you are successful, to progress to the HRWL application stage.

Course Dates

  • UOC: TLILIC0022 - Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)
  • Cost: From $1499
  • Duration: 4 Days

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4 Days



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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • On-site
  • In-person
  • Groups
Unit Of Competency

Unit Of Competency

TLILIC0022 - Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)

Training Prerequisites

Training Prerequisites

This C2 Crane – mobile slewing crane up to 20 tonnes – course includes the theoretical and practical components to meet the skills and knowledge required to be able to safely operate a slewing mobile crane with a Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) up to 20 tonnes for the high risk work licence class C2. T

Participants will gain the following skills and knowledge:

  • C2 Crane Load calculations
  • Planning and preparing for operations and pre-start checks of the C2 Crane
  • Crane movements and stability including four practical operations that are commonly done with this type of crane.
  • Slewing crane operation principles
  • Operating a C2 slewing mobile crane
  • Hand and whistle signals
  • Post-operational checks and shutdown procedures

Training and assessment is conducted at Harness Energy Training facilities. Upon arrangement, training and assessment can be conducted at the premises of industry clients providing there are suitable industry training facilities.

The C2 Crane Licence Training course starts with ensuring you have a good understanding what a Slewing Mobile Crane and its parts are and appreciate the slewing crane movements

Working Safely
Planning for the Crane Work
  • Work Instructions
  • Lift plan
  • Crane Capacity
  • Load Assessment
  • Determine Crane Capacity
  • Working Area Conditions
  • Communication Procedures
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Slinging methods
Preparation for Crane Work
  • Consulting with Other Workers about Hazards and Risks
  • Monitor Weather Conditions
  • Crane and Equipment Checks
  • Checking the Crane’s Logbook
  • Locate and Identify Controls
  • Start the Crane
  • Report Any Faults
  • Drive the Crane to the Work Area
Perform work/task
  • Position the Crane for Work
  • Outriggers/Stabilisers
  • Packing
  • Configure the Crane
  • Review Work Plans and Information
  • Follow Communication Signals
  • Position the Crane Hook
  • Operate the Crane
  • Land the Load
  • Unplanned and Unsafe Situations
  • Workplace Emergencies 
Pack up
  • Conclude Operations
  • Leaving a Crane Unattended Overnight
  • Removing Hazard Control Measures
  • Packing Up the Crane
  • Preparing the Crane for Travel
  • Conduct Post-Operational Checks
Applying for a Licence to Operate a Mobile Slewing Crane (C2) Up to 20t – Important Information

It is important you understand that this licence-focused training itself does not give you your high risk licence. However, assuming you pass your mobile-slewing Crane assessment (up to 20t) you have 60 days to apply (and be assessed) for your high risk work licence.

Perth High Risk Licence Applications Additional Support Options Available for Perth-based applicants:

  •  OPTION 1 – New Licence – New HRWL Application Fee – $90 (GST Free) + Processing Fee – $49 + GST + Passport Photos – $10 + GST
  • OPTION 2 – Existing Licence / Update – Existing HRWL Application Fee – $45.10 (GST Free) + Processing Fee – $49 + GST
  • OPTION 3 – You opt to apply for your licence directly – no additional fees apply. 

Currently, you have to renew your licence within 12 months of its expiry otherwise your high risk work licence can’t be renewed, you will have to repeat this training course and re-apply for your licence or re-enrol in the course again and be supervised by somebody who has a current licence for the same class.

Upon successful completion of this course, a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the following unit of competency will be issued:

TLILIC0022 Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 20 tonnes)

NOTE: Statement of Attainment will be issued by Harness Energy RTO45021

Competence in this unit does not in itself result in a licence. Participants are only eligible to apply for a High Risk Work Licence in the specific state or territory where they have:

  • Completed their training, and
  • Are eighteen (18) years of age, and
  • Have completed the minimum logbook hours or training record, and
  • Have passed the mandated national assessment instrument, and
  • Have met any other state or territory work health and safety (WHS) criteria.

A licensing fee is payable to the relevant state or territory jurisdiction for those students wishing to apply for a High Risk Work Licence (class C2).

Course Prerequisites

This C2 Crane course is suitable for those who are required to operate a slewing mobile crane with a Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) of up to 20 tonnes.

A moderate English language, literacy and numeracy skill level is required.

Participants must be over eighteen (18) years of age to undertake the mandated national assessment instrument.

All participants are required to wear the following minimum PPE to enter our facilities:

  • Fully enclosed shoes (steel-capped boots)
  • Long-sleeve shirt with high visibility
  • Long work pants

Additional PPE may be required depending on the course requirements.

Please also review the general important information (relevant to ALL courses) contained in Important Course Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

C2 Crane Licence encompasses the crane classes of:

  • CV – Vehicle loading crane with a capacity of 10 metre tonnes or more.
  • CN – Non slewing mobile crane with a capacity exceeding 3 tonnes.
  • RS – Reach stacker.
  • C2 – Slewing mobile crane operation licence (up to 20 tonnes)

Always check the licensing regulations for the state/territory you are operating in as variations to this list may vary.

Definitions & Terminology

Key terms you will come across within Crane Training include:

  • FSWR – Flexible Steel Wire Ropes
  • HRWL – High Risk Work Licence
  • ISO – International Organisation for Standardisation
  • JHA – Job Hazard Analysis
  • JSA – Job Safety Analysis
  • NAI – National Assessment Instrument
  • RC – Rated Capacity
  • SWL – Safe Working Load
  • SWMS – Safe Work Method Statement
  • WHS Work Health Safety

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