Harness was founded in the Oil and Gas space and since its inception, has grown deep roots supporting the on- and offshore Oil and Gas industry in Australia through supplying our clients with skilled, trained, and compliant workforce needs, as well as providing candidates with quality training and education specialised to the industry’s highly regulated requirements.

With a rich history spanning over 13 years, Harness has seen, learnt and survived a lot during this time in the Oil and Gas industry, including two industry downturns in 2014, and 2020. During these times we have always done our best to support our people, our candidates, our contractors, and our clients.

Australia’s Oil & Gas industry while complex and challenging at times has brought immense benefits including export earnings, employment, investment and domestic economic activity to the sector and our country. The Oil & Gas industry expansion has also created and sustained a globally respected, innovative technology, services and manufacturing sector.

The Australian Oil & Gas industry spans across the following capabilities:

  1. Exploration and drilling
  2. Production, processing and maintenance
  3. Pipeline
  4. Subsea infrastructure
  5. Education, training and R&D
  6. Marine and offshore facilities
  7. Onshore facilities
  8. Transport & logistics

According to the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA), injury rates in the domestic industry have declined despite a significant increase in industry activity and hours worked over recent years, with increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements arising.

Harness is proud to have played a significant part in the Australian oil and gas industry’s safety performance and helping people return home safely to their families.

Whether you are an employer looking to for recruitment solutions or you are a candidate looking to get your foot in the door Harness understands the Oil & Gas space intrinsically and can assist you no matter what your needs are.

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