Harness began in 2005 with a vision to supply labour hire solutions to the medium to high risk sectors of Australia, providing passionate industry professionals who are inspired to deliver our clients a high level of safety and performance.

We believe in providing energetic, talented and respected industry experts that are looking to make a difference wherever they go and in whatever they do.

Whether you need a one-off placement, a maintenance crew or a complete workforce solution, Harness Labour Hire provides reliable, flexible and skilled solution for the mining industry.

What roles does Harness recruit for in mining?

 Shutdown Workers
 Fly-in fly-out (FIFO)
 Trades Assistants 
 Safety Management/Supervision
 Maintenance Workers
 Diesel Fitters
 Fixed Plant Fitters
 Site Supervisor / Foreman
 Shot Firers
 Open Cut Workers
 Fixed Plant Operators
 Crusher Operators
 Mill Operators
 Mobile Plant Operators
 Crane Operators
 Mine Supervisors
 Roller Drivers
 Water Cart Operators
 Excavator Operators
 Dump Truck Operators
 Dragline Operators
 Loader Operators
 Dozer Operators
 Grader Operators
 Dragline Operators
 Loader Operators
 Dozer Operators
 Grader Operators

Each state regulates slightly different minimum requirements for mine site employment. However, generally speaking, below are the usual minimum requirements for mine site employment and access: (Please note, this does not guarantee you will be successful in securing mines site employment).

  • Standard physical fitness for the intended role (as determined by a pre-employment medical)
  • Ability to pass a Drug and Alcohol Test
  • Mining industry Generic Inductions and/or mine site specific inductions

As a leading training provider and labour hire partner, Harness can deliver effective workforce solutions to allow you to optimise your mining sector needs.

We are proud to have played a significant part in the Australian mining industry’s safety performance, and helping people return home safely to their families.


To find out more about how we can assist you with specialised labour hire solutions for the Oil & Gas industry, please contact us.

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