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As an operational worker, you know that height safety is crucial to doing the job well. Whether you’re working in the gas sector, electrical, or mining, getting the proper training keeps you and your co-workers safe. Taking an authoritative working at heights course in Brisbane with top trainers at Training with Harness is an excellent way to make sure you’re up-to-date on key safety procedures and skills.

Your work is what keeps Brisbane going and keeping yourself, and your team safe is essential to a functional work site. In addition to practice and knowledge of safety procedures, a high-quality course can help you plan for the worst. Risk management and a lack of pre-emptive safety planning can be the difference between a bad scare and a downright catastrophe. Sign up for Harness’ accredited one-day working at heights course right here in Brisbane to ensure you know what to do when an average day on the job takes an unfortunate turn.

High quality training courses can also give you a boost in consideration for expanded responsibilities and promotion. While there are many options for getting the basics, opting for an in-depth course with face-to-face training from experienced industry leaders will set you apart, showing that you take job site safety as seriously as you should. Plus, you’ll rest a little easier knowing you received the best quality training in Brisbane, delivered by trainers with experience in both working at heights and teaching itself.

With your safety on the line, taking an accredited and comprehensive height safety training course is clearly the way to go!


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