IADC Stuck Pipe Prevention

Course code: SPP
Investment: $1900.00
Duration: 2 Day Course
Location Date  
Brisbane 7 & 8 December 2020
(10 places available)
Brisbane 7 & 8 December 2020
(10 places available)

Course Details


The Harness IADC Stuck Pipe Prevention course has international recognition and is designed for all personnel involved in Drilling/Workover operations.

   Who is this Course For:

  • Drilling Superintendents, Engineers & Supervisors
  • Drillers and Assistant Drillers
  • Rig Managers and Toolpushers


On successful completion of this IADC Stuck Pipe Prevention course and its assessments, successful participants will receive the IADC certificate.


Stuck Pipe Prevention (SPP) is critical in reducing costly non-productive time (NPT). This course will ensure that personnel are aware of risk indicators, mechanisms and prevention strategies that can lead to a huge reduction in operating costs and NPT.

  Why Choose Harness for IADC Stuck Pipe Prevention:

Harness believes in providing you with the best value for money and giving every student the highest quality of training. How do we do this?

  • Simulation using the latest technology with both a conventional Brake and Cyberchair available to embed theoretical learning outcomes.
  • Harness employs a plethora of petroleum experts, engineers, and well respected industry professionals from all over the globe to take part in program development. This cross-pollination of practical and theoretical minds has led to the renowned courses that Harness delivers today.
  • Our Stuck Pipe Prevention courses limited to small numbers to ensure greater 1 on 1 training with more practical time on the simulator.
  • With a true passion and focus on learning outcomes Harness Trainers have a Global reputation when it comes to providing training.

  Harness Instructors:

Harness Instructors have been hand picked from a global stage and have successfully implemented a human factors approach to our programs. This approach to training has resulted in reduced anxiety levels, enhanced performance, greater retention and an overall positive learning experience throughout our courses.

Video: Hear from Harness Stuck Pipe Prevention Trainer, Kevin Alcock, discussing situations in which his knowledge of stuck pipe prevention has helped him.



The mode of delivery for this course is face to face in a classroom environment with significant practical elements.


  • Wellbore Stability and hole cleaning
  • Mechanical and geometric mechanisms
  • Differential Sticking
  • Sticking and freeing forces – calculations
  • Introduction to jars and accelerators
  • Practical exercises utilising a full rig floor simulator

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