The Philippines Home To New Training Initiatives From Harness Training

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The Philippines is one of the newest centres for oil and gas in the ASEAN region, and is expected to see continued interest in its oil and gas sector on the back of new investments in exploration and upstream production.

At Harness, we’ve seen the potential that the Philippines has in this area, which is why we are investing heavily so we can deliver new training services in the country. Our office in Subic Bay is well-placed to deliver the training opportunities that the industry needs to thrive.

Harness offers training facilities in the Philippines

As the largest provider of IWCF Well Control training and IADC certification to the oil and gas sector in the ASEAN region, Harness is now familiar with the training needs of organisations in the area.

From our Subic Bay offices, we will be providing a range of five-day courses that are designed to meet the needs of the industry. These courses in IWCF well control are designed to address basic theory as well as principles and techniques that are commonly utilised in modern oil and gas extraction.

These courses are now available to book for the remainder of 2016, offering those working in the industry with an opportunity to start upskilling staff in best practice well control.

Why is the Philippines so attractive for oil and gas exploration?

Harness’s presence in the Philippines is a sign of just how much is changing in the oil and gas industry. Like many other regional economies like Papua New Guinea, the Philippines is looking to develop its hydrocarbon assets, with a number of developments already providing for the sector’s future.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, the Philippines produced roughly 26,000 barrels of crude oil per day, well below the amount imported by the country. However, the increasing number of exploration contracts are offering the possibility for this number to continue growing.

Offshore, the Palawan Basin is already a well-established area for the extraction of hydrocarbon resources and is continuing to provide new opportunities in this area. In fact, the Palawan Basin has an estimated 1,355 million barrels of oil equivalent hydrocarbon assets, according to the country’s Department of Energy.

Onshore exploration is also continuing, with islands in the centre of the Filipino archipelago also yielding positive results from initial exploration efforts.

While exploration and initial extraction efforts are already underway across the country, this sector of the economy is likely to increase in size and scope over coming years. This potential is exactly why Harness is so excited to have opened our new training facilities in the Philippines.