The Journey To Reach Harness Trainings 10 Year Anniversary

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The last 10 years have certainly seen a lot of changes at Harness Training, with our capabilities rapidly expanding to become the largest provider of Well Control training in the ASEAN region. Recently, we’ve hit a number of milestones that have solidified our position as a leader in oil and gas industry training.

Driving all of these achievements has been a strong focus on building the skills and experiences that those working in the oil and gas sector need. Delivering on that promise means constantly pushing the boundaries through our training options and finding new ways to better support the industry and the people who work in it.

While we are always looking for these new opportunities, reaching our 10 year anniversary is a chance to look back at the successes we have seen since we first opened our doors.

The Harness Training milestones

Becoming the largest provider of Well Control training in the ASEAN region hasn’t happened overnight – it’s taken steady expansion to reach the point where we now deliver courses in 15 locations across 10 countries. In recent years there have been many milestones that we’ve achieved in order to get to this position. Among these were:

Establishing our Malaysia office: Last year, we launched our first intensive IWCF Well Control course in Kuala Lumpur, conducted in our brand new office presence in the city.

Setting up our first office in Papua New Guinea: Our expanding presence in PNG means we can now deliver courses from our new training centre in the country. The facility is designed around our commitment to holistic recruitment and manpower management.

Beyond expanding our presence in the ASEAN and greater APAC region, we’ve also been focusing very carefully on developing our services:ASEAN and greater APAC region, we’ve also been focusing very carefully on developing our services:

Increasing our service offering with new technology: We have recently introduced a new training tool to our Australian operations: a new drilling simulator. This is the first time this technology has been used in Australia and is a key part of our efforts to meet the skill shortages in the Queensland gas sector.

Building the skills of Indigenous Australians: Starting in 2014, Harness Training began a series of two-week training programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, designed to give them a solid grounding in the skills needed to work in the resources sector.

Beyond training, a major focus for our team has been the expansion of our industry partnerships. These connections ensure we are training staff who are on the cutting edge of the sector, while also providing these companies with the very best training solutions:

Securing the global tender for an IP Agreement with Nabors Drilling: As one of the world’s largest on-shore drilling providers, Nabors Drilling demands the best in employee training. Earlier this year, Nabors entered into a partnership arrangement with us to provide well control training to their global operations.

Maintaining our relationship with local and global operators: Companies such as Santos, Origin, QGC, Shell, OilSearch, Total and Petronas and many others have all entered into preferred supplier arrangement with us over the last 10 years.

Developing strong bonds with the contracting sector: Many of the world’s largest oil and gas contractors rely on Harness Training to deliver new services. Our clients include Savanna, Easternwell, Ensign, Saxon, Ensco, Nabors Drilling, UMW, SKD, High Arctic Energy Services and many more.

Entering into an exclusive contract with Brunei Shell Petroleum: Last year, Harness Training secured a training contract with Shell in Brunei to deliver IWCF well control courses to the company’s engineers.

The last 10 years have clearly been transformational for our team at Harness Training. The only question is: What will the next 10 years hold?