Harness Launches In PNG

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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is fast becoming a major contributor to the global energy market, with new projects aiming to rapidly increase the country’s production of natural gas.

To support these efforts, we are expanding our presence in the country, with an increased training presence that will allow operators to access training that is local and highly tailored to the industry and environment.

PNG’s growing presence in the oil and gas sector

Driving the need for more training options in PNG is the nation’s rapid growth in natural gas infrastructure.

The PNG LNG Project in particular has set the stage for Papua New Guinea to become a major exporter of natural gas. That project has seen the construction of over 700 kilometres of pipes connecting different facilities across the country. It also involves a major liquefaction plant near Port Moresby with capacity for 6.9 million tonnes of natural gas production a year.

Exports from that facility began in mid-2014 and was widely seen as a sign of things to come. Of course, these increases are also requiring a greater pool of talented workers in the country to deliver these improvements. As LNG exports increase, we’ve expanded our presence to Port Moresby, opening our first office in PNG at the AES Supply Base.

Harness moves to meet industry demands

From our AES Supply Base offices, Harness will be offering a range of courses across our core training offerings, as well as giving us a base to manage our recruitment services in the country.

The training courses we can offer include confined space entry, first aid training, working safely at heights, rigging/dogging, operate forklift and 4WD training, among many others.

Our services don’t end with training alone either, we can also provide recruitment solutions, HSE consulting and graduate scholarships. Among the support services we offer are assistance with payroll, logistics, transport, HR support and accommodation.

Beyond our specific offerings, Harness has designed a holistic approach to meeting the training and recruitment needs of our clients. This approach means we are ideally suited to meeting the needs of those who need qualified workers in PNG.

Papua New Guinea is clearly going through a period of significant growth thanks to its natural gas industry. As these trends continue to develop in future years, the demand for workers who have the skills to support the country’s natural gas industry is only going to increase in the future.