Course Overview


Harness offers a one day Issue Work Permits training course which covers all the skills and knowledge required to issue work permits correctly. It covers an understanding of the permit system and the limitations of each permit, and making decisions regarding the need for and correct use of each permit. This unit includes the issue of any and all permits. Permits are called 'clearances' by some organisations. 

This unit of competency applies to personnel who are required to issue appropriate permits to work to persons conducting a variety of activities in workplace environments in which hazards exist or specific procedures need to be followed and monitored to protect the safety of personnel and the integrity of plant or process. 

This unit of competency applies to an individual working alone or as a part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator, as appropriate. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • MSMPER300 - Issue work permits
  • MSMWHS201 - Conduct hazard analysis

Learning Methods:

The mode of delivery for this course is face to face in a classroom environment as well as significant practical elements outside of the classroom. 

In the delivery of this course, our trainers focus on providing an individualised adult learning environment that considers the learner’s experience and employment history. 

Theory is presented in a supportive learner centered environment designed to provide functional theoretical knowledge that is directly applicable to real world tasks.

Learning materials provided include the Harness student handbook and participants will be advised in advance of attending the course if there are any materials to be provided by them.

The assessment for this course has been designed to assess the individual to the Australian Qualification Framework, relevant Training Package, Australian and Industry expectations, as well as Commonwealth and State Legislation. 

Course Content

Throughout the Harness course our trainers will cover off the below operations ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical elements. 

1. Identify need for work permit
  • Identify work permit needed from job scope
  • Confirm with appropriate personnel the need for work permit
2. Ensure job site is prepared for authorised work 
  • Inspect the job site 
  • Identify work health and safety (WHS) and environmental requirements 
  • Conduct hazard identification and risk assessment 
  • Ensure job site is prepared in accordance with specified work permit conditions 
  • Check permit conditions and report to appropriate personnel 
  • Conduct job site testing in accordance with procedures 
3. Raise and issue work permits 
  • Ensure conditions are documented on permit
  • Ensure appropriate testing is carried out and results documented in accordance with procedures
  • Determine an appropriate validity period
  • Check that permit conditions are met (i.e. validity permit)
  • Complete and authorise permit
  • Ensure recipient is advised of and agrees to abide by the requirements of the permit
  • Ensure recipient signs permit
4. Monitor work for compliance
  • Ensure regular job site inspections are done
  • Monitor conditions and work progress and respond appropriately to changing conditions and circumstances
  • Ensure permit currency and revalidate as required
  • Ensure permit is displayed in accordance with procedures
  • Identify and act on incidences of non-compliance and report promptly to relevant personnel
  • Withdraw/cancel permit if conditions warrant it
  • Report any issues which arise with regard to work under the permit in accordance with procedures
5. Receive end of day report 
  • Receive end of day report for permit recipients 
  • Confirm job progress and status 
  • Revalidate/arrange for revalidation of permit as required 
  • Confirm work area has been left safe 
  • Handover ongoing permits and status of suspended permits to oncoming shift 
6. Close work permit
  • Inspect job status 
  • Check that work undertaken satisfies permit conditions 
  • Ensure that work site is ready for a safe return to working conditions 
  • Check required returns to work status have been completed 
  • Sign off documentation and close permit in accordance with procedures 
  • Communicate worksite and process status to relevant personnel 

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