Course Overview


Harness offers a four day IADC recognised Well Control Introductory Level Wellsharp intensive program. This course is designed to address principles and theory of well control along with the most commonly used blowout prevention techniques. This course is recommended as a basic level well control training module for:
  • All parties involved on the wellsite Operations Team.
  • Those working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx should attend.
This globally recognised IADC Wellsharp training is designed for personnel that have secondary involvement in well operations / drilling operations. This may include roles as: 
  • Roughneck,
  • Derrickman,
  • Assistant to WellSite Supervisor or Wellsite Engineer,
  • Wellsite Rig Engineer,
  • Wellsite DrillingFluids,
  • Mud and Completion Fluids Engineer,
  • Wellsite Casing Crew Supervisors,
  • Fishing Engineer or
  • Fishing Tool Operator 

What is the difference between IADC and IWCF Well Control Level 1 Certificates? 

The IWCF Well Control Level 1 training is more prevalent throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific. Whereas, the IADC or International Association of Drilling Contractors, is based out of the USA. Generally, both IADC certificates and IWCF certificates are applicable in many parts of the world. 

if you would also like to be accredited with the IWCF we recommend: 

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Harness Instructors

Harness instructors have been hand picked from a global stage and have successfully implemented a human factors approach to our programs. This approach to training has resulted in reduced anxiety levels, enhanced performance, greater retention and an overall positive learning experience. 

Harness Delivery

The mode of delivery for this course is face to face. You will be in a classroom environment as well as significant practical elements outside of the classroom. 

Our trainers focus on providing an individual adult learning environment that considers the learner’s experience and employment history. 

Theory is presented in a supportive learner centered environment. it is designed to provide functional theoretical knowledge that is directly applicable to real world tasks.

Learning materials provided include the Harness student handbook. Participants will be advised in advance of attending the course if there are any materials to be provided by them.

Course Content

This Well Control and Awareness course covers a blend of both theoretical and practical training. You can complete the course for Well Control in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Papua New Guinea. Upon successful completion of this training course, you will walk away knowing industry best practice for blow out prevention  (BOP)

IADC Well Control Course covers: 
  • Introduction to Well Control 
  • Risk management 
  • Kill-sheet warning signs and indicators 
  • Fracture pressure and maximum surface pressure 
  • Well control methods 
  • Well control management 
  • Blowout preventers 
  • Choke manifold and chokes 
  • Barriers 
  • BOP control systems 
  • Barrier concept 
  • Causes of kicks 
  • Circulating systems 
  • Shut in procedures 
  • Well control during casing and cementing operations 
  • Contingency planning 
  • Associated well control equipment 
  • Auxiliary equipment 
  • Testing 
  • Practical assessment - Drilling simulator training, exercises and assessment 

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You can view our terms and conditions and student handbook here before making a decision to train with us.