Course Overview


Harness offers a one day Front End Loader (Conduct Wheel Loader Operations) course covering the skills and knowledge for those in operations roles to Conduct Wheel Loader Operations require and includes the following elements: 

1. Plan and prepare for wheel loader operations 
2. Operate the wheel loader 
3. Carry out operator maintenance 
4. Conduct housekeeping activities 

In the delivery of this course, our trainers focus on providing an individualised adult learning environment that considers the learner’s employment history and experience in the industry.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is only available at client premises and is not offered at Harness training facilities. 

Students will be required to demonstrate the following skill and knowledge when conducting knowledge wheel loader operations: 

  • Identifying equipment processes, technical capability and limitations 
  • Identifying, interpreting and using geological and technical data (basic) 
  • Identifying signs of operator fatigue and how it should be managed 
  • Apply loading techniques 
  • Interpreting plans, reports, maps, specifications 
  • Applying operational, maintenance and basic diagnostics 
  • Completing housekeeping activities 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Unit of Competency - RIIMPO304E

Learning Methods:

The mode of delivery for this course is face to face in a classroom environment as well as significant practical elements outside of the classroom. 

In the delivery of this course, our trainers focus on providing an individualised adult learning environment that considers the learner’s experience and employment history. 

Theory is presented in a supportive learner centered environment designed to provide functional theoretical knowledge that is directly applicable to real world tasks.

Learning materials provided include the Harness student handbook and participants will be advised in advance of attending the course if there are any materials to be provided by them.

The assessment for this course has been designed to assess the individual to the Australian Qualification Framework, relevant Training Package, Australian and Industry expectations, as well as Commonwealth and State Legislation. 

Course Content

The Harness Front End Loader training includes: 

1. Plan and prepare for wheel loader operations: 
  • Access, interpret and apply wheel loader operation compliant
  • Obtain, read, interpret, clarify and confirm work required
  • Identify and address risks, hazards and environmental factors
  • Select and wear personal protective equipment, apply emergency procedures and be prepared for fire/accidents
  • Access, interpret and apply geological and survey data
  • Inspect and prepare work area in coordination with others
  • Select and check for faults, equipment, and/or attachments for work activity.
2. Operate the wheel loader: 
  • Carry out start-up, park, shutdown and secure equipment procedures
  • Coordinate activities with others at the site prior to commencing, during, and after work activities
  • Drive loader, select and modify the operating technique
  • Monitor and manage equipment performance using indicators
  • Continually monitor hazards and risks and ensure safety of self and others and personal equipment
  • Complete the work place within the operating capacities of the equipment
3. Carry out operator maintenance:
  • Prepare machine for maintenance
  • Conduct inspection and fault finding
  • Carry out scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Return machine to service
  • Process written maintenance records
4. Conduct housekeeping activities: 
  • Clear work area and dispose of or recycle materials
  • Manage and/or report hazards, and maintain a safe working environment
  • Process written records