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eLearning is growing in popularity due to its ability to deliver training at any time and in any place with computer and internet access. Harness has therefore developed this capability to ensure you can get the training you need done from the convenience of your desk or even your mobile device.

Why choose Harness?

Harness is a leading and innovative eLearning creator and a leading RTO with extensive experience in the VET and Competency space. This experience, together with our international base, gives Harness the edge over other options. Harness not only is the developer choice for your needs, but we also have a huge range of off the shelf options for you. Our suite of eLearning packages can be delivered via the Chorck Learning Management System – or your own – the choice is yours…

Harness eLearning courses

eLearningeLearning can complement and enhance your existing training programs in a number of ways:

  1. Cost savings – large numbers of people can be trained quickly and effectively across multiple locations
  2. Time savings – no travel times to consider and people can also train at their own pace  – this can often speed up the pace of delivery
  3. Consistency of standards – ensuring consistency of training to large numbers of people across multiple locations can sometimes be a challenge, eLearning facilitates standardisation of practices, content and assessments processes
  4. A tool for communicating change management – eLearning can be an effective way to communicate any changes before a change takes place (e.g. new legislation) – providing awareness to employees and also ensuring understanding through assessments if required
  5. Compulsory participation – eLearners cite having less of a fear of failing versus traditional training methods as learning is conducted in private and outcomes from assessments are often immediate
  6. Outcome and compliance monitoring – eLearning provides an efficient way to monitor that training has been completed and to a satisfactory standard

Harness packages can be as simple or as complex as your training needs require and can include a range of features such as animation, graphics, interactivity and assessments. The simplest of eLearning packages can take your existing learning materials (e.g. PowerPoint) and convert them to eLearning.

Delivered via the Chorck Learning Management system or your own, our packages can be purchased ‘off the shelf’ with your brand or can be completely customised and tailored to your individual needs. The Harness eLearning menu outlines the range of packages we have available – however this is by no means exhaustive – we can design and build any eLearning package for you.

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Chorck Learning Management System

As well as a range of packages on offer, Harness can also support in the delivery and management of your training via  the Chorck Learning Management System.

vHarness is a premium reseller of Chorck and can help you digitise your staff compliance and company inductions. Chorck is about bringing students, employers and training providers together to create a seamless journey for everyone.

Learn how Chorck can save your business money by automating your compliance or get in contact for a demo. There is also a 30 day free trial for a complete risk free look at Chorck.

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