Course Overview


The Harness Cyber Chair Familiarisation course is a three day intensive program utilising our Drillsim 5000 Cyber Chair. The overall aim of the course is to provide personnel with the skills to address basic principles and theoretical skills in Cyber Driling operations.
As a part of this course a student will learn Cyber Chair controls, BOP set up controls, manifold and valve controls, Top drive controls and simulated drilling using the cyber chair. Further to this, students will also carry out safety procedures, prepare the cyber chair for drilling, mud pump operations, take SCR’s, shut in procedures, well kill and tripping operations and pipe handler break out.

What makes this course unique? 

  • Simulation using the latest technology with both a conventional Brake and Cyberchair available to embed theoretical learning outcomes (Drillsim 5000 with Cyberchair as pictured below); 
  • Harness employs a plethora of petroleum of experts, engineers, and well-respected industry professionals from all over the globe to take part in program development. This cross-pollination of practical and theoretical minds has led to the renowned courses that Harness delivers today. 
  • Our Cyber Chair familiarisation courses are limited to small numbers to ensure greater 1 on 1 training allowing for more practical time on the simulator. 
  • With a true passion and focus on learning outcomes Harness Trainers have a global reputation when it comes to providing training 

Harness instructors have been hand picked from a global stage and have successfully implemented a human factors approach to our programs. This approach to training has resulted in reduced anxiety levels, enhanced performance, greater retention and an overall positive learning experience throughout our courses. 

Who is this Cyber Chair familiarisation training course for? 

  • Assistant Drillers 
  • Drillers 
  • Rig Managers and Toolpushers 
  • Personnel wanting to understand Cyber Rig Operations 

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) can be considered for this training course. 

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

The mode of delivery for this course is face to face in a classroom environment as well as significant practical elements outside of the classroom. In the delivery of this course, our trainers focus on providing an individualised adult learning environment that considers the learner’s experience and employment history. 

Theory is presented in a supportive learner centred environment designed to provide functional theoretical knowledge that is directly applicable to real world tasks.

Learning materials provided include the Harness student handbook and participants will be advised in advance of attending the course if there are any materials to be provided by them.

Course Content

Throughout the Harness course our trainers will cover off the below operations ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical elements. 

Cyber Chair Familiarisation topics covered: 

  • Comparison of AC & DC rigs 
  • General Chair Safety controls 
  • Slipping and cutting drill line 
  • Back up wrench and bales 
  • Emergency stops and TD lock outs 
  • Hydraulic braking systems 
  • Crown/Floor saver and Crown-o-matic 
  • Back up wrench rotation 
  • Elevator orientation 
  • Elevator and bales on top drive 
  • Rig watch alarm screens/settings 
  • Safety when slipping 
  • Safety when cutting drilling line 
  • Use of emergency buttons 
  • Make up torque 
  • Use of torque boost 
  • Weight indicator 
  • Maximum over pull 
  • Pipe handling system 
  • Pipe positioning on drill floor 

More Information 

Phone:   1800 HARNESS(1800 427 637) or   61 7 3292 0700 or
You can view our terms and conditions and student handbook here before making a decision to train with us.