Our accredited 4-day IADC WellSharp Introductory Level Well Control course equips participants with the essential knowledge for well drilling as well as the fundamental principles required to maintain well control.

Designed for rig crew including Floorhands, Derrick Workers, Barge Engineers and Subsea Engineers as well as non-technical personnel, this introductory course alleged to the IADC syllabus gives participants the knowledge they need to obtain the IADC WellSharp Certificate.

Based in Brisbane, this IADC WellSharp Well Control Introductory Level course provides participants with an understanding of how to prevent, recognise and manage well control incidents during drilling operations.

Embark on IADC’s accredited program with Harness’s globally recognised trainers to continue on your well control journey!


Course Dates

  • UOC: IADC WellSharp Driller Level Well Control
  • Cost: From $1,925
  • Duration: 4?? Days

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The Oil and Gas Drilling and Well control industry has a range of specific courses available undertaken over a period of time of which, this introductory course this course is the US-based standard.  If you are wanting to also consider working internationally or within the US industry framework, this is a relevant course of specialist Oil and Gas industry training to do.

We run the IADC courses for groups and based on demand. Enquire now and our expert consultants will help you determine the right next steps in your Oil and Gas Industry Training Pathway.


Course Details



From $1,925



4?? Days



5 yrs

Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • Self pace
  • Employment Based
Unit Of Competency

Unit Of Competency

IADC WellSharp Driller Level Well Control

Our 4 day IADC aligned training provides participants with the necessary information for well drilling, along with the fundamental principles essential for maintaining well control. On successful completion of the course and assessment, participants will have learnt the information to be able to:

  • Grasp the repercussions linked to the loss of well control
  • Comprehend the significance of kick detection
  • Identify indications of abnormal pressures
  • Comprehend appropriate actions when kick indicators are evident
  • Accurately acquire shut-in pressures and parameters
  • Skillfully choose a well control approach for regaining control
  • Complete a surface and subsea kill sheet
  • Execute fundamental well control calculations
  • Describe the roles of different well control apparatus

Our 4 day IADC accredited training provides fundamental information around the core concepts for well control.  Specifically

  • Well Control Concepts
  • Calculations
  • Mud & Pit Management
  • Risk Management
  • Causes of Kicks
  • Abnormal Pressure  and Warning Signs
  • Kick Detection
  • Shut-In Procedures & Verification
  • Post Shut-In & Monitoring Activities
  • Well Control Drills and Methods
  • Kill Sheet & Pre-recorded Data
  • Well Control Equipment


Once you successfully complete this course, you’ll receive a certificate. It is an IADC certificate of completion that is valid for 5 years.

Successful completion of the assessment at the end of the course is based on achieving a 70% pass mark.

This is a certificate issued by Harness Energy (RTO 40521). We are accredited and audited by IADC to be able to deliver this technical Oil and Gas industry training.

Course Requirements

You need to be registered with IADC. Please also review the general important information contained in Important Course Requirements page on this site.

Additional Infomation

Roles & Industries

  • Roughneck
  • Derrickman
  • Well-site Engineers for Rig, Drilling, Mud, Fishing
  • Barge and Subsea Engineers
  • Oil & Gas Onshore
  • Oil & Gas OffShore
  • This qualification is focused on the knowledge basics to ensure broad use across allied and entry level roles

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have successfully been awarded your Introductory IADC Wellsharp certificate you can then embark on the journey towards your Driller level certificate.

The course is designed for those in a variety of well-site roles including Roughnecks, Derrickmen, Assistant to WellSite Supervisor or Wellsite Engineers, Wellsite Rig Engineers, Wellsite Drilling Fluids Engineers, Mud and Completion Fluids Engineers, Wellsite Casing Crew Supervisors, Fishing Engineers, Fishing Tool Operators, Rig crew, Barge Engineers and Subsea Engineers.


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