Renewable Energy Industry Support

At Harness, we have worked with some of the highest risk industries for many years and bring experience from regularly creating bespoke programs to suit exacting and specialised needs.

Our experience ensures we have a unique ability to combine training, apprentices and trainee solutions through to the supply of trained field-ready staff for short to long term renewable energy projects.

Renewable Energy Industry Training

The renewable energy industry handles diverse technologies that, in turn, drive a variety of training needs from construction, higher-risk work settings through to transporting potentially dangerous goods.

We develop training in partnership with clients that meets safety and related technical training requirements leveraging a combination of nationally accredited courses and individualised programs.


To find out more about what training and qualifications we offer for the Renewable Energy industry Click on the currently publicly available Industry Training  or contact us as we provide a range of bespoke training both on-site or through our training centres.