This Fire Training includes accredited training units for Fire Extinguishers Test & Tag, Fire Blankets AND Inspect and Test Fire Hose Reels together for the ultimate fire test and tag training preparation of these core fire fighting tools.   It is a one day course taught in person and only in Perth WA which will ensure you gain not just knowledge but hands on experience in how to perform the relevant inspections and testing of important fire safety equipment.

Course Dates

  • UOC: CPPFES2020 - Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets | CPPFES2010 - Inspect and test fire hose reels
  • Cost: From $589
  • Duration: 1 Day

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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • In-person
  • Groups
Unit Of Competency

Unit Of Competency

CPPFES2020 - Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets | CPPFES2010 - Inspect and test fire hose reels

This course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform regular inspections, servicing, maintenance and testing/tagging of fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels in accordance with relevant Australian standards.  The Fire Extinguisher Test & Tag combined with the Fire Hose Inspection and Test Course is a combination course run over one day.  During the Fire Test and Tag training, you will be given both theoretical instruction and hands-on practical training specifically focused on the testing of firefighting equipment.

This course is designed to be suitable for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels. It is likely that you may have experience as a designated Fire Officer, need to manage the checking of fire equipment or looking to expand your skills after having undertaken courses including Fire Warden.

This Fire Extinguisher Test and Tag and Inspect Fire Hose Reel combination training course aligns with the Australian standards, codes of practice, regulations, and safe working systems relevant to the inspection and testing of firefighting equipment, covering the following topics:

  • Legislation, regulations, and codes relevant to the selection, placement, inspection, and testing of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and fire hose reels
  • Conducting inspections on fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and fire hose reels
  • Proper installation, servicing, and maintenance of fire protection equipment
  • The testing and tagging process
  • Understanding different types of extinguishing agents and the risks associated with their improper mixing
  • Ensuring compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) fire regulations and requirements for deemed compliance
  • Folding fire blankets in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Special considerations for aggressive environments
  • Documenting and reporting inspection activities


Knowledge-based questionnaires and practical demonstration

Upon successful completion, participants will be issued with either of the following Statements of Attainment relevant to their industry area which will be recognised nationally and is issued by Harness Energy RTO 40521

  • CPPFES2020 Conduct routine inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • CPPFES2010 Inspect and test fire hose reels –

Note : There is a requirement that all students must complete an onsite logbook activity for this unit of competency as part of their performance assessment. Statements of attainment will be not be issued until all requirements are met including the logbook activity.

Topics covered during this Fire extinguisher test and tag training plus fire blankets and fire host test and inspection combination course includes:

  • Building Codes of Australia
  • Australian Standards and OHS regulations
  • Workplace Policies & Procedures
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • History of Extinguishers
  • Modern Extinguishers
  • Older Extinguisher Types
  • Fire Risk Assessment/Audit
  • Fire Inspections and classes
  • Hazard Levels
  • Classification and Rating
  • Extinguishers Shall
  • Class A fire risks
  • Class B fire risks
  • Significant switchboards
  • Cooking oils and fats
  • Motor vehicles
  • Selection of extinguishant.
  • Preferred extinguishant for given risks
  • Banned and restricted extinguishers
  • Soda acid fire extinguisher (reversable)
  • Rechargeable and non-rechargable extinguishers
  • Gas container extinguisher
  • Wheeled Extinguisher
  • Disposal and mixing of extinguisher contents
  • Physical factors.
  • Health, safety and human factors
  • Training factor
  • Selection for domestic and residential applications
  • Fire Extinguishers- Maintenance
  • Summary of Service Requirements
  • Wheeled extinguisher maintenance
  • Extinguisher Parts
  • Fire Blankets -Maintenance
  • Defects
  • Implications of incorrect servicing or missed extinguishers
  • Replacement Extinguishers & Blankets
  • Servicing Equipment
  • Inspect & Test Fire Hose Reels
  • Positioning and signage of Hose Reel
  • Mounting Height, clearance and accessibility
  • Hose reel specifications and types
  • Conducting Inspection and maintenance
  • Types of inspections and servicing
  • Faulty hose reels, reporting and defects.
  • Replacing a hose reel

Course Prerequisites

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a combined training covering both the Fire Extinguisher Test and Tag and the Inspect & Test Fire Hose reels because of the fact that all fire equipment has to be maintained. Since many facilities have both extinguishers and hoses as part of their fire safety protection plans it is important both are maintained appropriately. The requirements for fire extinguishers, fire hoses arise from a variety of sources including – making it relevant to include all these fire safety training elements into one complete training day:
• Building Codes
• Workplace Health and Safety Legislation
• Australian Standards
• Dangerous Goods Legislation
• Fire Service Legislation
• Public Health Legislation.
• Workplace Policies & Procedures

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