The Harness delivered Certificate III in Business (BSB30120) is an incredible qualification specifically designed to provide the accredited skills that you need to really kick start your career development in the business world. It consists of 13 units of study to help you gain fundamental skills applicable in many entry level business roles across a variety of industries.
  • Unlock your potential through a combination of supported study and work place based learning
  • Tailored and flexible learning to suit your specific needs
  • Focus your study through specialist learning topics in general business, customer engagement or business administration
  • Delivered by our award winning RTO
  • Become the first to experience our newly included next generation virtual learning Avartar as part of a varied and comprehensive support approach

Course Dates

  • UOC: BSB30120 - Certificate III Business
  • Cost: From $$579 - $2,600 (depending on funding)
  • Duration: 1 yr
  • Funding Available

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Certificate III Business is a qualification undertaken over a period of months and can start at almost any time that suits you. Applicants usually apply with the support of employers.

  • Harness understands the unique circumstances everyone is in and has designed options to suit you.
  • Tailored approach to help you achieve your Certificate III in Business.
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Course Details



From $$579 - $2,600 (depending on funding)



1 yr




Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Online
  • Workplace based
  • Self pace
  • Employment Based
Unit Of Competency

Unit Of Competency

BSB30120 - Certificate III Business

Our Certificate III in Business is a nationally recognised business qualification. We have tailored this competency-based business qualification. Therefore, we provide a relevant Business qualification that comprises 6 core units, additional general business units with the option to select 4 units from one of 2 specialities to reflect your areas of interest for your own personal career development. Review the summary of contents for each of the core and specialty areas of the course below.

This course is not a purely theoretically-based course – we make it about you learning and understanding theory and then being able to apply it into your working life. In applying for this course, consider how you want to approach your study and the role of your organisation in supporting you as financial subsidies may be available to eligible applicants or organisations.

Our approach to this workplace based course is one that is holistic in terms of providing a varied range of advanced technological supporting tools, regular access to our trainer and comprehensive materials with an easy to follow study plan that can make this a truly satisfying training journey – nothing less than you should expect from us, a state and national award winning training organisation who has the critical mass to deliver but is also small enough to care.

This qualification will suit your career aspirations if any of these are relatable to you currently:

  • Working to build your skills within industries such as Public Services, Energy, Mining, Warehousing and logistics,  Construction through to Rail, this qualification is a solid foundational business course that will help you on the pathway to your chosen future business career.
  • Working – and wanting to upskill – in customer services, business administration roles and have a supportive work environment
  • Providing various business service roles eg as part of internal teams, divisions locally or across multiple sites and involving a range of functions such as communications or coordination
  • Looking to build your discretionary thinking and judgement skills
  • Delivering operational business services within the context of a working environment where an improved knowledge of health and safety may be required.

We provide several options to specialise your learning, through the different study units, to maximise your career and development potential. The units of competency provide training across required business skills units and your option of specialisation through customer engagement or business administrative units.

Core units listed here form the Cert III Business foundational study requirements:
  • Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment – BSBCRT311
  • Support personal wellbeing in the workplace – BSBPEF201
  • Participate in sustainable work practices – BSBSUS211
  • Use inclusive work practices – BSBTWK301
  • Assist with maintaining workplace safety – BSBWHS311
  • Engage in workplace communication – BSBXCM301
  • Record stakeholder interactions – BSBOPS306
  • Write simple documents – BSBWRT311
  • Organise personal work priorities – BSBPEF301
Add these study units
  • Organise schedules – BSBPOP303
  • Handle receipt and dispatch of information – BSBINS202
  • Provide CPR – HLTAID009*
  • Provide First Aid – HLTAID011*

*Options exist – please enquire on available alternatives to these units

For Business Administration focus please add these units
  • Purchase goods and services – BSBPUR301
  • Handle receipt and dispatch of information – BSBINS202
  • Organise personal work priorities – BSBPEF301
  • Organise schedules – BSBPOP303
For Customer Engagement focus please add these units
  • Deliver and monitor a service to customers – BSBOPS304
  • Process customer complaints – BSBOPS305
  • Assist with customer difficulties – SIRXCEG002
  • Advise on products and services – SIRXPDK001

Once you successfully complete this course, you’ll receive a certificate. It shows your Qualification and Statements of Attainment for each unit you have passed. All are recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework.

This is a nationally recognised qualification and is issued by Harness Energy (RTO 40521).

Course Requirements

No course pre-requisites apply.  You will need Internet access and a computer for this qualification.

Please also review the general important information (relevant to ALL courses) contained in Important Course Requirements page linked

To be successful in this course, you should have good basic skills to read, write, research. For any specific educational or other supports please contact our Client Services Team.


Additional Infomation

Roles & Industries for Cert III Business Qualification

  • Technical administration roles
  • Office and operations staff
  • Client-facing or retail Staff
  • Public Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil Gas, Mining
  • Manufacturing & Warehousing
  • Construction – Civil & residential
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Supporting a team internally
  • Handling external client service matters
  • Provide some technical advice
  • Routine procedures
  • Operational tasks requiring business skills

Frequently Asked Questions

This certificate III qualification in Business requires you to select 6 core units of study. These are called required units.  You can then choose more general business units or specialise on a particular area of interest, using the available units of study listed, for customer engagement or business administration.

Funding options available to you may include:

  • User Choice funding is often available when the study forms part of a training or apprenticeship program
  • Self-funded – you pay for the course yourself – which may be suitable if you are taking the initiative to study and/or may potentially be moving company / role during the course of the study
  • Employer-supported – where you may be able to have a % of the full study fees by your employer. It is recommended you speak with your manager to discuss the options available to you.


We have provided a list of relevant additional information as well as content that you can download.

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Funding Options


Funding Options*


Construction Skills QLD (CSQ)
User Choice

*Eligibility rules may apply and other funding options may be available to you – depending on your industry or course.

Important Information explaining the common course funding options listed above along with additional information is available in the Linked Important Information page.

Combine To Save!

Working At Heights + Rescue

  • PUAFIR210 – Prevent injury
  • PUASAR022 – Participate in a Rescue Operation
  • RIWHS204E – Work safely at heights
  • PUAEME001 – Provide emergency care