Of the two types of EWP tickets, this training course is focused on EWP Tickets – which is the required training to operate an EWP under 11 mtrs. EWP’s where the boom length is below 11 mtrs includes smaller scissor lifts or boom lifts. This training can also be undertaken with the EWP Ticket for EWP’s over 11 mtrs – part of a licenced training course in some locations (Brisbane, Toowoomba, Chinchilla)

When you undertake our one-day EWP Ticket – Under 11m training course, you will learn how to plan EWP work, conduct routine checks, set up the elevating work platform and operate it and finally, shut down and securing theory and practicals with the help of our specialist EWP trainers.

Course Dates

  • UOC: RIIHAN301E - operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length below 11 metres) | TLID3035 - Operate a boom type elevating work platform
  • Cost: From $345
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Funding Available

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Delivery Methods

Delivery Methods

  • Classroom
  • On-site
  • In-person
Unit Of Competency

Unit Of Competency

RIIHAN301E - operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length below 11 metres) | TLID3035 - Operate a boom type elevating work platform




During this non-licenced EWP Ticket Training for scissor and boom lifts under 11 Mtrs you will learn about key theoretical and practical topics including the following:

  • Work instructions
  • Emergency procedures
  • Hazard identification and control
  • Choosing plant and equipment
  • Conduct routine checks
  • Set up of Elevating Work Platform – stabilising, packing, sloping, hazard control measures
  • Operating a boom type EWP and a elevating work platform including stabilising and emergency procedures in various scenarios
  • Shut down and securing procedures including outriggers
  • Post operation checks including reporting faults
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Clean up

If you successfully complete this course, you will receive a certificate which indicates the Statement of Attainments as recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework. This is a nationally recognised certification. The Statement is issued by us, Harness Energy (RTO 40521).

The EWP Ticket Under 11 Mtr  ‘Statement of attainment’ is for the Nationally Accredited Units of Competency:

  • RIIHAN301E – operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length below 11 metres)
  • TLID3035 – Operate a boom type elevating work platform

The Certificate is usually needed as evidence for your employer for safety and compliance requirements. You do not need to apply for a High Risk Work licence for these EWP types.

Resits – If you are required to resit, fees are charged at full course rate and you will be required to attend another full day of training.



Course Requirements

Wear suitable PPE including closed in shoes. All equipment is provided. This is not a licenced course. Review the general important information (relevant to ALL courses) contained in Important Course Requirements. 

Additional Infomation

Roles & Industries for EWP Ticket Training

  • Warehouse Operations Staff
  • Site Operations staff
  • Distribution and Logistics operations
  • Retail centre operations
  • Construction workers on residential or civil sites
  • Agriculture
  • Resources Sectors
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Stock movement
  • Warehousing operations
  • Working at Heights under 11 mtrs
  • Different ground conditions where stabilisation at a local level is appropriate
  • Single person or multi person platform needs for the planned work

Frequently Asked Questions

While you do not need to have a High Risk Work Licence for EWP’s under the 11 mtr max boom length, you and your employer do need to know both how to operate one and importantly, operate an EWP safely. You thus require the Yellow card which indicates you have been trained to safely operate an EWP under 11 mtrs.

You also will need to comply with a range of WHS requirements and both these tickets may be needed as part of that – making this essential training if you are planning on operating EWP’s in your work

The  TLRIIHAN301E – operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length below 11 metres) and TLID3035 – Operate a boom type elevating work platform are not subject to the same high risk work licence

If you do the other EWP Ticket EWP Licence Over 11 mtrs, then the situation is different as anyone involved in the following activities will need a :

  • operation of cranes and hoists
  • dogging and rigging work
  • driving a forklift truck
  • erecting or dismantling scaffolding
  • operation of boilers or other pressure equipment
  • operation of concrete placing booms
  • operation of an elevated work platform >11mtr
  • operation of a reach stacker.


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*Eligibility rules may apply and other funding options may be available to you – depending on your industry or course.

Important Information explaining the common course funding options listed above along with additional information is available in the Linked Important Information page.


Combine To Save!

Working At Heights + Rescue

  • PUAFIR210 – Prevent injury
  • PUASAR022 – Participate in a Rescue Operation
  • RIWHS204E – Work safely at heights
  • PUAEME001 – Provide emergency care