Providing Consulting & Expert Advice to your Business

Consulting is defined as ‘the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field’ and that is what we do here at Harness across a diverse range of subject areas. 

Confined Space Management Services

Harness provides a range of confined space consulting solutions to support clients in maintaining safety when undertaking work in a confined space as well as providing guidance on the registration and Australian standards surrounding working in a confined space.


Consulting Services at HarnessEnvironment and Social Responsibility

Ensuring success throughout your project’s life-cycle requires a specialist service provider that understands your business needs. At Harness, we partner with our clients to deliver specialist environmental, people, safety and social performance solutions with a focus on the oil and gas exploration sector.

Health, Safety, Security and Risk

At Harness, we are dedicated to the supply of high quality services in the areas of health, safety, security and risk. Our clients expect high quality service provision and that is guaranteed through working with Harness.

Hands Free Process Implementation

According to the latest Hand Safety Report produced by Ansell in partnership with the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) Foundation ,  on average, about one in five injuries are to hands. At Harness we work with partners to identify and implement wider usage of hands free processes to reduce the potential for hand injuries in the workplace.

Heights Consulting

Harness provides expert direction in the examination of current at heights activities being conducted as well as the development and delivery of a range of heights rescue plans. This is complemented by our range of heights safety training packages such as Heights Rescue and Working Safely at Heights.

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